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The SoftEdge offers a number of services based on our high quality legislator database and email delivery capabilities. We will work with you to meet your needs. With fast turnaround times, we are a reliable solution for your data and email delivery goals. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for you, click on one of the services below or contact us for more information.

We maintain comprehensive state and federal legislator databases for our own software solutions. These databases are updated continually. You can gain access to this same up to date and accurate data. Field names and lengths remain consistent and relational IDs are used for reliability and ease of use. Available database components and delivery formats are described below.

Legislator Information

8115 Legislator Names and Addresses including the U.S. Congress, the State Legislators from all 50 states, and the Executive Branch from all 50 states (Governors, Lt. Governors, Attorney Generals, and Secretaries of State). The information includes capitol and preferred mailing addresses, phone numbers for the capitol, work/district office, home, and fax, E-mail, web site address, brief bio information plus more. The Leadership positions are indicated and selectable. For each state legislature there is the main mailing address, clerk name, phone, fax, bill information number, and Web site.

Congressional Office Staff

For each Member’s office we include the name and email address of the chief of staff, scheduler, legislative director, press secretary, and the legislative assistants for 16 issue areas: agriculture, arts, defense, education, energy, environment, financial services, foreign policy, health, homeland security, judiciary, labor, science and technology, tax, trade, and transportation. There are over 4,000 office staff names.

Congressional Leadership Staff

The key staff for each Congressional Leadership Office are included.

Photograph files

We maintain .jpg images of all the Members of Congress and several states.

Zip+4 to Legislative District Databases

Every Zip code and Zip+4 are cross referenced to the congressional and state legislative districts.


The files are designed for relational databases and can be delivered in ASCII or Microsoft Access formats.


There are approximately 3100 committees and subcommittees with approximately 36,000 Committee Seat assignments. The committees are also grouped by jurisdiction into 34 distinct categories. You can select legislators from just health or tax committees etc. The committee members have seat seniority numbers and titles including chairman, vice-chairman, ranking member, regular member, and ex-officio member. Additional data is included for Congressional Committees.

Congressional Committee Staff

The key staff for each committee and subcommittee are included. The name, title, room, and personal phone numbers for each staff person is included. There are over 2,000 committee staff names.

Congressional District Office Addresses

The mailing address and phone numbers plus a main office indicator are included for over 1300 offices.

Congressional Floor Vote Records

All congressional votes beginning with the 101st Congress are maintained.

IDs and Relational Fields

There are unique ID fields that are used as relational fields linking like data between tables. They also serve as sort fields for State Alphabetical/District order or Alphabetical order.

The SoftEdge makes adding legislative district information to your data easy. You simply send us your data and we add US Postal Zip+4 codes, match the addresses in your data to their congressional and state legislative districts and return the results to you. We offer same day service for most projects. Additional options are available. Please contact us for more information..

The SoftEdge provides on-demand email delivery to congressional staff, state legislators and grass roots contacts. The process is simple. You let us know who you want the message sent to, send us the email template and message content and we will send the message for you. After the message is sent, we can provide statistics related to open rate, click throughs, and bounces. We offer same day service for most projects.

Several agencies are using our Grant Notification System to great effect. Our system completely eliminates the labor and inaccuracies involved in sending grant notice emails to congressional offices.  The process is simple. You send us the message and spreadsheet of grants. Within hours, we create the messages and provide a secure web portal for you to review, edit, and send the messages to the congressional offices.


  • Fast turnaround, easy to use, affordable
  • Send a single message to each Member of Congress listing all grant awards within their state or district
  • Congressional Districts are assigned by street address for 100% accuracy
  • Designate congressional staff recipients using title or legislative responsibility
  • Add custom staff contacts to the email list when requested by congressional offices
  • Our congressional staff contacts are continually updated for the best accuracy
  • Personalize each message with your letterhead look, signatures, salutations, state and district names
  • Our secure web portal allows you to review, edit, and send messages. You can choose to send messages individually or all at once
  • Past messages are archived and easily accessible

Please contact us for information about pricing and with any questions you may have.