Consider this scenario. A congressional staffer is on their way to a meeting with their boss as the final decision on a crucial piece of legislation is about to be made. Somewhere else, a government relations professional is hitting send on an email that could sway the decision of this particular staffer’s boss. With a window of only a few minutes and the need to have the messaging really stand out in order to have any impact, the look of your email becomes just as important as your content.

As they are constantly on the go, our staffer is probably looking at your email on a mobile device. Because they likely won’t have the time to return to their desktop before having the crucial conversation with their boss, it is vital that the email looks as crisp as possible on any platform. In general it is important that messages scale properly on mobile devices because on average responsive emails see 15-30% more clickthroughs than emails not optimized for mobile devices.

The Soft Edge provides an email builder that will improve the appearance and performance of your emails whether on a mobile device, tablet or desktop. An email sent through our responsive editor scales properly on a mobile device and makes it easy to combine eye-drawing graphics, call to action buttons and more with the cohesive and persuasive text contained within your email. The appearance and responsiveness of your emails could make the difference for your campaign.