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Creating Effective Email Campaigns

Email, Government Relations, Marketing

Consider this scenario. A congressional staffer is on their way to a meeting with their boss as the final decision on a crucial piece of legislation is about to be made. Somewhere else, a government relations professional is hitting send on an email that could sway the decision of this particular staffer’s boss. With a window of only a few minutes and the need to have the messaging really stand out in order to have any impact, the look of your email becomes just as important as your content.

As they are constantly on the go, our staffer is probably looking at your email on a mobile device. Because they likely won’t have the time to return to their desktop before having the crucial conversation with their boss, it is vital that the email looks as crisp as possible on any platform. In general it is important that messages scale properly on mobile devices because on average responsive emails see 15-30% more clickthroughs than emails not optimized for mobile devices.

The Soft Edge provides an email builder that will improve the appearance and performance of your emails whether on a mobile device, tablet or desktop. An email sent through our responsive editor scales properly on a mobile device and makes it easy to combine eye-drawing graphics, call to action buttons and more with the cohesive and persuasive text contained within your email. The appearance and responsiveness of your emails could make the difference for your campaign.

How White Coat Waste Project Works to Stop Government-funded Dog Testing

Advocacy, Government Relations

White Coat Waste Project was founded in 2013. It is a bipartisan coalition of more than 400,000 advocates and stakeholders dedicated to ending government-funded animal testing. Its work has been highlighted by the Washington Post, US News & World Report, FOX News, LA Times and others. They combine grassroots advocacy, media campaigns, coalition building and lobbying to achieve their core objectives. This case study examines how White Coat Waste Project used Soft Edge Government Relations and Advocacy software to cut funding for dog testing at the Department of Veterans Affairs.


White Coat Waste Project sought to end the practice of using dogs in painful laboratory experiments at the Department of Veterans Affairs.


In addition to media campaigns, the White Coat Waste Project empowered their grassroots coalition to reach out to legislators and used direct lobbying to develop relationships with lawmakers.

“The Soft Edge applications, Congress Plus and Congress Web, have made our outreach to federal lawmakers and our 400,000 supporters more effective and efficient and helped us build the support we needed to pass legislation and enact other critical policy changes that protect animals and taxpayers.” Justin Goodman – VP, Advocacy & Public Policy, White Coat Waste Project

They started by creating a sustained online advocacy campaign that allowed their advocates to contact their Members of Congress with a crafted message in support of ending the practice of using dogs in laboratory experiments at the VA. More than 250,000 messages were sent to Members of Congress for this campaign using Soft Edge Advocacy software. Advocates also called their legislators.

To coordinate their direct lobbying effort, the White Coat Waste Project team used Soft Edge Government Relations software. They maintained regular outreach to congressional offices by email to get the interest of staffers and develop relationships. They also scheduled and tracked meetings with key legislators and stakeholders.


White Coat Waste Project made great strides in their campaign to end dog testing at the Department of Veterans Affairs. In June 2017, the Los Angeles Department of Veterans Affairs halted dog testing that had occurred for decades. In July 2017, the PUPPERS Act was introduced in the House and has found significant bipartisan support. Finally, also in July 2017, Congress voted unanimously to cut funding for the VA’s most painful dog testing in Fiscal Year 2018.



Social Media and Legislative Advocacy

Advocacy, Government Relations, Social Media

Over the past decade, Social Media has become one of the primary means for elected officials to communicate with their constituents and other policy stakeholders. Lawmakers often use these tools to lay out their position on specific legislation, comment on news or notify their constituents about upcoming district events and townhall meetings. Without the proper tools, sifting through and staying on top of all of this information is an arduous, time consuming task.

To that end, we here at The Soft Edge have added a social media database for our clients to be better able to quickly and concisely research the social media activity of lawmakers and to use this information to drive their interactions with decision makers. Customers can use advanced searching and filtering to find posts on topics of interest. Daily email notifications are available to alert advocacy professionals about posts relevant to their organization. Knowing legislator sentiment regarding an issue allows our clients to target their online advocacy campaigns more effectively and pinpoint where their lobbying efforts are most needed.

Announcing our Integration with Salesforce


We are excited to announce the integration of Congress Web with Salesforce. The integration automatically syncs contacts, activity and legislator data from Congress Web to Salesforce. It adds two sections to display Congress Web activity data and legislators. There are also out of the box reports available. With this added functionality your users can easily see which contacts took action and which lawmakers were reached by your advocacy efforts.

Announcing our Integration with NationBuilder


We are pleased to announce our integration of Congress Web with NationBuilder. This integration allows our action center to be embedded seamlessly in your public nation site. When advocates take action, we will add new contacts and update existing contacts in your nation. Optionally, we can add political capital each time an advocate takes action. Look for our app in the App Directory.