For more than a decade, Soft Edge has been a leader in online advocacy. Our platform, Congress Plus, is constantly evolving to ensure that it is user-friendly, reflects the latest in modern standards and creates effective advocacy campaigns. By working closely with our customers and remaining up to date on the latest industry research, we help create successful campaigns by encouraging adherence to best practices.

One of the most popular ways to advance your cause through online advocacy is a message campaign. In the typical message campaign, advocates visit your advocacy site, enter their address and send a message prepared by you to their legislators. The common result being a deluge of form messages to legislators from your advocates with exactly the same content.

Through research done by the Congressional Management Foundation for the Communicating with Congress project, we know that sending form email messages is simply not as effective as sending individualized messages. With Congress Plus we have made it a development priority in the platform to encourage personalized messages as a best practice and have created an array of tools to allow your advocates to customize their messages.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us. In our next post about online advocacy, we will discuss more ways Soft Edge can help you improve your message campaign.

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