Over the past decade, Social Media has become one of the primary means for elected officials to communicate with their constituents and other policy stakeholders. Lawmakers often use these tools to lay out their position on specific legislation, comment on news or notify their constituents about upcoming district events and townhall meetings. Without the proper tools, sifting through and staying on top of all of this information is an arduous, time consuming task.

To that end, we here at The Soft Edge have added a social media database for our clients to be better able to quickly and concisely research the social media activity of lawmakers and to use this information to drive their interactions with decision makers. Customers can use advanced searching and filtering to find posts on topics of interest. Daily email notifications are available to alert advocacy professionals about posts relevant to their organization. Knowing legislator sentiment regarding an issue allows our clients to target their online advocacy campaigns more effectively and pinpoint where their lobbying efforts are most needed.