Legislators are receiving an increasing number of messages from their constituents. Many of these are form messages with the exact same content sent on behalf of a broader advocacy campaign. In our previous post we discussed how personalizing each advocate’s message can help your campaign stand out.

Many message campaigns advocate for a position in a very general way. While sharing a general position is certainly important, it is much more effective to make your position relevant by tying it to current legislation. Often legislative offices don’t have the time or resources to fully research every bill. This situation gives you the opportunity to educate the office while advocating for your position.

Our online advocacy platform, Congress Web, provides unique tools for educating your advocates about legislation important to your organization, tying legislation to your campaigns and targeting your message based on a legislator’s support for a bill or vote.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us. In our next post about effective online advocacy, we will discuss ways Soft Edge can help you improve your advocacy campaign using social media.

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